Meet your HSUS State Director

Last week we added something to the HumaneWatch Document Library: a U.S. map that appears in this spring’s edition of Shelter Pages, a publication that the Humane Society of the United States describes as a “directory of products and services for sheltering professionals.” (In reality, Shelter Pages reads more like a break-even advertising project for HSUS.)

At press time, this map showed the last names of each of HSUS’s current “State Directors.” It’s helpful to think of these staffers as salaried lobbyists in the state capitals who work exclusively for HSUS. At present, there are 40 of them.

Since HSUS State Directors seldom have the sort of public profile of a Wayne Pacelle, we thought it would be a good idea to list them here, along with the state where each one works—just so concerned citizens can recognize them when they visit their elected representatives.

In this gaggle of HSUS government-affairs workers, you’ll find some honest, well-meaning advocates. You’ll also find:

The full list of HSUS State Directors is after the jump.

Alabama: Mindy Gilbert

Kentucky: Pamela Rogers

North Dakota: none

Alaska: none (but HSUS is hiring)

Louisiana: Julia Breaux Melancon

Ohio: Karen Minton

Arizona: Kari Nienstedt

Maine: Katie Lisnik

Oklahoma: Cynthia Armstrong

Arkansas: Desiree Bender

Maryland: none*

Oregon: Scott Beckstead

California: Jennifer Fearing

Massachusetts: Alexis Fox

Pennsylvania: Sarah Speed

Colorado: Holly Tarry

Michigan: Jill Fritz

Rhode Island: none

Connecticut: none

Minnesota: Howard Goldman

South Carolina: none

Delaware: none

Mississippi: Lydia Sattler

South Dakota: Darci Adams

District of Columbia: none*

Missouri: Barbara Schmitz

Tennessee: Leighann McCollum

Florida: Jennifer Hobgood

Montana: Wendy Hergenraeder

Texas: Nicole Paquette

Georgia: Jessica DuBois

Nebraska: Jocelyn Nickerson

Utah: none

Hawaii: Inga Gibson

Nevada: Beverlee McGrath (and HSUS is hiring)

Vermont: Joanne Bourbeau

Idaho: Lisa Kauffman

New Hampshire: Joanne Bourbeau

Virginia: Laura Hall-Donahue

Illinois: Jordan Matyas

New Jersey: Kathleen Schatzmann

Washington: Dan Paul

Indiana: Anne Sterling

New Mexico: none

West Virginia: Summer Wyatt

Iowa: Carol Griglione

New York: Patrick Kwan

Wisconsin: Alyson Bodai

Kansas: none (but HSUS is hiring)

North Carolina: Kimberly Alboum

Wyoming: Heidi Hopkins

* HSUS's principal offices are in Maryland and the District of Columbia.