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New Documents Marked “Attorney-Client Privilege” Show Paranoia Inside HSUS

We have a new document leak we can reveal in relation to the ongoing defamation lawsuit surrounding HSUS. The suit was filed by a former employee of HSUS’s lobbying arm, and it accuses the special assistant to then CEO Wayne Pacelle of inventing allegations that got the plaintiff fired after he raised concerns about Pacelle’s alleged sexism. The suit alleges this happened in 2017–just months before allegations against Pacelle were the subject of an internal investigation at HSUS. At the time, the investigation was leaked to the Washington Post, and Pacelle resigned in early 2018. The question the lawsuit raises is whether there was a cover up at HSUS.

Read all the background here.

We can now reveal some (heavily redacted) documents that contain new allegations about the situation at HSUS.

The new leak has the following claims:

  • “Attended Women at Work discussions in DC — Crystal asked [redacted] to monitor what he does.” Presumably this is referring to the plaintiff; we previously revealed texts between Moreland and an HSUS lawyer discussing a similar issue.
  • Sara Amundson, the head of HSUS’s lobbying arm, believed someone–presumably the plaintiff–was a “mole.” She was “concerned that every piece of information she has in her office is available to him as well as the Shared Drive.”
  • HSUS’s “IT did an office sweep” but “nothing came of it, technology cleared.”
  • Someone “consider[ed] asking security to limit his time for arrival and departures of the DC office.” We presume again this is referring to the plaintiff.

If true–and we can’t confirm the document–then this adds to the alleged texts we revealed between the defendant and an HSUS staff lawyer.

Based on the information to date, the picture is being painted that there was a serious cover up at HSUS. We’ll post updates on this case as we learn them.