Humane Society University



2100 L Street, NW

Washington, DC 20037

Phone: 202-452-1100


HSU received a license as a higher education degree-granting institution from the DC Education Licensure Committee in 2009 and is currently seeking accreditation from Middle States Commission for Higher Education. Students enrolling at HSU can earn a Graduate Certificate or B.S. in animal studies, animal policy and advocacy, and humane leadership. HSU requires students who wish to enroll to have earned 60 credit hours (the equivalent of two years' education) at an accredited institution of higher learning.

Robert Roop was the President of HSU until the end of 2010. Wayne Pacelle, Andrew Rowan, G. Thomas Waite III, Nancy Perry, and Kitty Block sit on the HSU Board of Trustees.

HSU has a School of Professional Development and a School of Arts and Sciences. At the latter, faculty members include:

  • Bernard Unti
  • Kitty Block
  • Nathan Nobis
  • Miyun Park
  • Andrew Rowan
  • Katherine Rowan
  • Jonathan Balcombe
  • Marc Bekoff
  • Martin Stephens
  • Jennifer Jackman
  • Kathleen Conlee

Courses include:

  • Animals and Ethics
  • Animal Protection and the Environment
  • Farm Animal Welfare
  • Animal Protection as a Social Movement
  • Animals, Advocacy, and Corporate Change