Heidi Prescott

Heidi Prescott is the Senior Vice President for Campaigns at HSUS. She was the assistant to Wayne Pacelle when he was National Director of the Fund for Animals. Prescott herself later became National Director of the group, moving to HSUS when the two organizations merged.

In 1989, Prescott served a 15-day sentence in a Maryland jail for disturbing a legal hunt on public land. Additionally, Prescott has spuriously insinuated that hunting is a factor in school shootings. Speaking to Animal People News in 1998, Prescott said:

The six states where school shootings have taken place since October 1997…are all major sport hunting states. When a tragedy like this happens once, it is a fluke. When it happens six times in eight months, and becomes a pattern, we must seriously re-evaluate the core values that we are teaching our nation’s young people.

Prescott also delivered a speech in December 2008 at a fundraising party for The Humane League of Philadelphia. The Humane League of Philadelphia was founded in July 2002 as the Philadelphia chapter of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), an organization convicted in 2006 – along with six of its national leaders – on federal domestic terrorism charges.

Prescott is also a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s board of directors.