Joanne Chang

Joanne Chang is the director of outreach for Humane Society International-Canada (HSI-Canada), based in Vancouver. She is also the director of Liberation B.C., an animal-rights organization active in British Columbia.

Chang is no stranger to shock tactics that teeter on the line of what's legal. In 2007, she was arrested during a protest against a Vancouver restaurant that serves foie gras. And in June 2009, she crossed the border to participate in a raid on a dog breeding operation in Kennewick, Wash., spearheaded by HSUS. 

For Mother's Day in May 2010, Chang wrote a column arguing that all mothers should boycott dairy: "There is no such thing as a cruelty-free dairy as the cruelty is inherent. No farming method changes the fact that in order to produce milk for human consumption, cows must be impregnated and their babies must be taken away and killed. And no boycott of veal is truly genuine unless dairy is also boycotted."