Mark Glover

 Mark Glover is the director of Humane Society International/UK, the British branch of HSI. He is also the director of Respect for Animals, an England-based charity.

Glover is often seen at the forefront of HSUS's Canadian anti-sealing campaigns. In a March 2008 editorial in the U.K. newspaper The Guardian, he accused the Canadian government of covering up the 1992 cod stocks collapse as part of a conspiracy to protect unionized Canadian fishermen's right to hunt seals. "The Canadian authorities, who had overseen the demise of that cod population, needed to blame something and they blamed the seals," he wrote. He also leads an ongoing boycott of Canadian seafood.

Before he ran the HSI London office, Glover worked for Greenpeace in the UK as its Wildlife Campaigner. (He also sat on its Board.) Glover left Greenpeace in 1985, according to University of Leicester Professor Robert Garner, because the environmental group decided to abandon its anti-fur campaign. Greenpeace had come to understand that fur provided crucial income for some Canadian and American indigenous peoples. Glover voted with his feet, taking several other Greenpeace employees and founding Lynx, a single-issue anti-fur group.

In the 1990s a fur farmer successfully sued Lynx for libel after Glover and an associate secretly visited a mink farm under false pretenses, and wrote that it was a “hell-hole” in a 1989 report. In contrast to Glover's claims, an RSPCA inspector gave the farm a clean bill of health.

Lynx and Glover personally entered bankruptcy rather than pay the court's judgment against them. Within a month, GLover was back in action, leading nother new group called Respect For Animals, which still exists today.

HSUS’s official biography of Glover claims that Lynx simply "changed its name to Respect for Animals" following the libel verdict.