Stephanie Boyles

Stephanie Boyles is a wildlife scientist for HSUS. Prior to this appointment, she was a wildlife caseworker at PETA.

While at PETA in 2005, she wrote an open letter to the mayor of Santa Monica, Calif., asking her to ban the use of poisons to control the squirrel population. She wrote: “Death from the poisons being used by the city is slow and agonizing. No one knows how many animals have suffered and died, but the mayor has the power to stop this cruel program and the obligation to stop any violations of local, state, or federal laws relating to the poisoning.” At the time of the letter's publishing, the squirrel-containment program had already been stopped for weeks.

Boyles received a master's degree in environmental studies from Christopher Newport University in 2006 and an undergraduate degree in biology/philosophy from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland in 1994.