Summer Wyatt

 Summer Wyatt is HSUS's West Virginia State Director, responsible for all legislative and lobbying activities in that state. (Click here for HSUS's West Virginia-specific Facebook page.) She is also a former Miss West Virginia, winning that beauty pageant in 2007 and competing in the 2008 Miss America pageant.

In a May 2010 interview with the West Virginia Register-Herald, she explained her duties in conducting investigations on behalf of HSUS: "I can go out and investigate if I'm available to see animals from the road, or the person will let me onto their property. It's not like I can go with a warrant or a badge. But I do investigate cases where I can and get those pictures or evidence to authorities and see what we can do further on this case."

In December 2010, Wyatt narrated the HSUS "Animal Survivors" video about a horse named Second Chance that actually didn't "survive" through the end of the fundraising season. HSUS kept the video rolling on its website regardless, including Wyatt's closing remark that "Second Chance wouldn’t have made it without you."