Protect Pets from Black Market Trafficking!

Maryland legislators are considering a bill, SB 103, that would further restrict your ability to get a pet. This comes after the state generally banned pet stores from selling puppies and kittens unless they come from a shelter or rescue.

Adopting from a shelter is great. But there’s nothing wrong with getting a puppy from a reputable business, either.

While well-intentioned, these policies don’t actually protect animals. They are designed to fight “puppy mills,” or breeders that have poor conditions. But they don’t actually target bad breeders. They merely make it harder for all breeders—including the highest quality—from connecting pets with loving families.

That’s not fair to animals or Marylanders.

Worse, it creates a black market for animal trafficking. The CDC reports it is incredibly easy to bring in purebred dogs, claim they are “personal” animals, and then sell them for a profit. The USDA reports that over 1,000,000 dogs are imported every year into the US. Less than 1 percent fall under agency oversight. There’s no oversight, and they can easily come from foreign puppy mills. This is called “retail rescue.” Tragically, 38 puppies recently died while being brought in from the Ukraine in a plane packed full of hundreds of dogs. This will only get worse.

Sign the petition below to oppose SB 103 and tell Maryland legislators you want them to keep pets safe!