Send it to HumaneWatch

A reader writes in:

Got home today and had a letter from the American Horse Heritage Fund – a project of The Humane Society of the United States. I hate the fact that I got anything direct from them, but they don’t have my name spelled right so I'm not sure where they got the list from. The group is not listed on the HumaneWatch website – better add it.

Thanks for sharing that. We're guessing that the "American Horse Heritage Fund" is a new HSUS fundraising project. (As of this morning, it only has 39 Facebook fans.) But it provides a great "teachable moment" for everyone who reads this.

Here's what you can do whenever you receive a direct-mail fundraising envelope from any HSUS-related organization: Send it to HumaneWatch. We'd love to see what kinds of claims HSUS is making–whether they concern companion animals, livestock, horse rescue, hunting, or any other issue.

If you haven't opened the envelope, just cross out your address and write the following next to it:

P.O. Box 34555
Washington, DC 20043

It will get here, and we'll pay the 35-cent forwarding fee.

If you have opened the envelope, you'll have to donate a postage stamp to re-mail it. We greatly appreciate the help in any case.

And don't worry about covering up your name & address: If your submission ends up in the HumaneWatch document library, we'll erase any identifying information first.