Shelter Supplies Start Pouring In

Tomorrow is the first annual “Shelter Supply Saturday,” but some of you are getting into the act one day early, which is great! Click here to register for tomorrow’s nationwide celebration of hands-on pet shelters. (Okay, you’ve got us. You can really do this any day, but “Shelter Supply Saturday” just sounded so cool.)

And of course you don't have to be on Facebook to participate. A surprisingly large number of you have e-mailed to let us know your plans for tomorrow, even though you're not Facebook folks.

Here's the first report to come back to us after someone has made a donation of pet shelter supplies. It comes from a Certified Humane Officer in California:

Well, I took my own advice and went to the Dollar store today … I bought 4 gallons of pine cleaner (4 bucks), a broom (one buck), some pens, permanent markers, air fresheners, kitty litter liners, Band-Aids, magnetic clips for bags, gallon Ziplocs, Ajax, poop bags, can openers, plastic dog-food lids, pet shampoo, baby shampoo (“tearless” for dogs’ faces), and some other stuff that I can't think of right now.

Anyway, I stopped on the way home at the shelter, and they were THRILLED. I also gave them a copy of the HumaneWatch card (see The card has a small copy of the flyer that says “Surprised to know the HSUS spends less than one percent…?” etc., and the shelter director was all over it. She also has no love for the HSUS.

When I told her she could print a large one from the website, she said she would, and post it right by the front door. Next time I go I will print some for her and give them for handouts.

Saturday is "shelter give day" for HumaneWatch, but since I was going by and the shelter is not near my home, I made today my Saturday. It was fun, and cheap!

Way to go! Don’t forget to report back (E-mail us photos and stories, or drop us a line on Facebook) to let us know which of America’s underfunded pet shelters you chose to help.