Some Parting Thoughts on Discover Dropping HSUS

Whiny WayneThe deceptively named Humane Society of the United States is clearly rattled by being dropped as a corporate partner of Discover. The organization was in full spin-mode last week, acting as if our supporters, who helped boycott Discover, had nothing to do with it. Also of note was HSUS’s claim that the Discover program was a success and had given over $1 million to HSUS. And according to HSUS, being dropped from the partnership had nothing to do with our “Discover the Scam” campaign. So ask yourself this simple question: If our campaign wasn’t effective, why would Discover ditch HSUS?

The answer, of course, is because there was real blowback. (Maybe HSUS’s PR gurus should think next time before spouting off.)

People contacted us and said they canceled their Discover card over the HSUS partnership. Businesses told us they stopped accepting Discover. Discover itself even called us—twice asking us to drop the campaign (which we did after they dumped HSUS).

While Discover happened to drop its HSUS affinity card at the same time it dropped its affinity card with other entities, view that in PR terms. Discover doesn’t have to say anything publicly and can quietly make the issue go away. The other affinity cards it dropped may have been simply underperforming, but HSUS’s was supposedly successful and most certainly toxic.

At the end of the day, HSUS is whining because it’s a big hit to the organization. And that’s what really matters.