Stay on Track by Giving Local

After the recent controversy with the Better Homes and Gardens editor in chief promoting HSUS, we have some bad news: It looks like another person has been duped into supporting HSUS. This time, it’s NASCAR driver Cory Joyce.

We noticed today that Joyce is doing a promotion whereby if he expands his fan club to 10,000 members, he’ll donate $5,000 to the Humane Society of Charlotte (NC) and $5,000 to HSUS.

The first grant is a great idea. It’s always a good thing to help local shelters.

We’re disappointed, of course, that HSUS is the second recipient.

We don’t think its Joyce’s fault if he’s under the impression that HSUS is an animal welfare group. Millions of Americans have a false impression of what HSUS is and don’t know about HSUS’s radical PETA-like agenda. And we’ve explored how we believe HSUS’s fundraising is misleading and deceptive.

After all, Joyce’s favorite food is chicken nuggets. We doubt he’d support HSUS if he knew that HSUS wants to get rid of chicken nuggets entirely.

There are other charities that don’t share HSUS’s radical, subversive agenda that could put that money to good use. If he wants to support a national animal rescue team, PetSmart Charities or Red Rover are two alternatives. Or if he wants to keep the money with shelters, it could go to the Humane Society of Charlotte or the New Hampshire Humane Society (near his hometown).

Feel free to contact his PR manager at [email protected] and politely (key word) pass along your thoughts.

We’d wager that Joyce’s fan club could get a few more members if he makes the right move and supports an animal welfare group over HSUS.