Take It From a Veterinarian

Dr. Roger Welton is a Florida veterinarian and author of Canine and Feline 101. He also founded Web-DVM, an innovative veterinary advice website supplemented by a video blog that has been pumping out pet-doc advice since 2007.

On Saturday Dr. Welton fired up his video camera to describe a “humane conflict” about the Humane Society of the United States that’s beginning to percolate into the public consciousness.

“Even local animal shelters and humane groups,” he notes, “are often left wondering about the motives of HSUS. Some small shelters have been overwhelmed with animals after well-publicized raids by the HSUS and feel that the Humane Society should offer more financial support.”

Dr. Welton is worth watching—not because he has clearly been reading HumaneWatch, but because he understands the problem. 

Click here for a transcript and to see more video presentations from this knowledgeable doc.