Talkback: HumaneWatch Reactions

We get a lot of e-mailed comments about HumaneWatch. A few are decidedly "NSFW" (you know who you are…), but most are complimentary, or at least contain constructive criticism. For those many hundreds of messages, we are eternally grateful.

Today we'd like to share just a few of them, with the permission of the writers. Not because we think this blog is any great shakes, but because we hope it's giving voice to sentiments and suspicions that countless Americans have kept to themselves for years—if not decades.

Take heart: It's okay to say that the emperor has no clothes. And to say it with a loud voice.

Letter #1:

I couldn't you thank you enough for the ad you placed in the USA today on April 1st. I was shocked at the amount of less than 1% goes to local animal shelters to help poor dogs in need. I've been giving 20 dollars every two weeks out of my check to the combined federal campaign that goes directly to the Humane Society of the United States. On April 1st after reading your ad I stopped contributing to the Humane Society. Once again thanks to your watchful eye I saved myself from giving to a scam agency that's comparable to Bernie Madoff.

p.s.: I just would like to tell you that yesterday I received the ashes back of [pet's name omitted], who was my best friend. He was an 11yr-old Rottweiler that I lost to cancer. He would be very happy to know what you're doing to keep people with loving hearts for dogs, and good intentions, from getting scammed.



Letter #2:

I am SOOOOO glad that Consumer Freedom and other organizations are FINALLY figuring out what HSUS is all aboutboth with companion animals AND agriculture!  I have been showing dogs for over 25 years and have been fighting their lobbyists … for years. I have to hand it to HSUS. They are one well-oiled machine. 

I donate and have stepped in and helped local animal shelters directly (specifically my breed) and am amazed by how much the general public gladly delves into their pockets yet does not really even know much about HSUS.

THANK YOU for exposing these theives for what they really are!!


Letter #3:

THANK YOU for the good work.  It's great to have a central place where we can find the information that we all need.  I have put your link up on my rescue pages, my story blog and even my boarding kennel website.  I can't tell you how happy I am that I found you, and want others to find you too.

God bless you all!



Letter #4:

I haven't been able to send a big donation to HSUS every month, but as of today I will be sending it to my local dog shelter.

I will not pay for these people's retirements. I read the full page ad in USA Today and I was SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!


Letter #5:

Thank you, thank you!

I saw your ad in USA Today and I thought "At LAST, someone is on to the HSUS.  I sent them money after Katrina and I could not get rid of them.

EVERY DAY I received a barrage of mail from them asking for more money. They sent me gifts; they were relentless.

Finally, I wrote to the President of their organization and said "if you send me one more piece of mail I will never send you another penny."

I work 2 days a week at animal shelters. I have learned that a lot of these so-called "non-profits" are like a license to steal. For many of them, the top people pay themselves a ton of money and spend very little on the animals themselves…What an eye-opener.

—name withheld

This is really just a drop in the bucket. But you should know that you're not alone. And help is on the way.