Talkback: L.A. Times Ads

We recently placed two ads in the Los Angeles Times: One during the Memorial Day weekend, and anther a week later. The ads, along with the buzz surrounding the Sunday Times editorial about them, attracted a lot of new visitors to HumaneWatch–and many of them offered praise for our work educating Americans about the Humane Society of the United States. (Many were shocked to learn HSUS isn’t related to their local humane society, and that HSUS shares just 1 percent of donations with hands-on pet shelters.)

Here’s what some readers wrote to us:

Good for you for standing up for local shelters! I had no idea that HSUS *didn’t* fund local shelters to help save dogs and cats. –Kat

I find it odd that HSUS claims HumaneWatch is dragging animal shelters into the debate. After all, HW has the decency to openly declare (and in multiple locations throughout its media) that it is not related to any animal shelters. Actually, HW probably does more than HSUS to promote the needs of local animal shelters by publicizing a shelter-of-the-day through its Daily Bites and Facebook updates. –Linn

Good work. You must be hitting a very big nerve. Oh, that’s right—HSUS has a very big nerve to trick people out of their money using pictures of sad animals. –Maggie

I’m so glad the Times brought this issue to the attention of the people of California. That gives us the opportunity to have an honest and open discussion of the little-known facts regarding HSUS. There are a lot of good people in California who probably never gave it a thought until now. –Gayla

I couldn’t have been happier to see your ad on the back of yesterday’s L.A. Times. You made Memorial Day all the more memorable! Thank you! –Florence

No more to The Humane Society of the United States. Thank you for informing us! –Greta

I consistently send them donations. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it and will stop further monies to them. –Tallie

Thank you, HumaneWatch, for shedding light on the HSUS and their devious ways. I am happy that an organization like HumaneWatch exists to educate the public on the lack of support HSUS (and other animal “charities”) gives to local chapters.–Megan

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