Talkback: Reflections on a Birthday

We marked the beginning of HumaneWatch’s second year a few weeks ago; quite a few of you took notice. The well-wishes have been pouring in from animal lovers everywhere, and some of our favorites are below.

Without your efforts to spread the word about the Humane Society of the United States’s shortcomings—and the thousands of deserving pet shelters that HSUS simply doesn’t support—HumaneWatch wouldn’t be very effective at all.

We’re gathering and nurturing fertile seeds here every week, but it’s up to you to plant the seedlings and educate animal-lovers in your own community.

I was disappointed but not surprised to learn about the Humane Society of the United States and their actual donations to shelters. We are operating an iPhone/iPad App for dog owners and are giving 15% of our revenue to local shelters directly.


We need to publicize and investigate [HSUS’s] activities! I have given money and wonder where it is going. This has to end.


Thank you for your diligent effort to expose this phony charity that took much money from my mother during her lifetime. She would have been shocked to learn that her donations never reached the animals used to impose guilt on witless citizens who foolishly donate to this group of thieves.

—[Name Withheld]

I don’t think I’ve ever said “thank you” for the work you are doing at Humanewatch. You are doing a great service!


Groups like yours helping to shed light on the motives behind groups like HSUS are much needed. With so much misinformation out there it’s a continuous uphill battle. So thank you, and keep up the GREAT WORK!


Thank you for the tremendous impact you have had on helping all of us who continue to fight the animal rights movement at the local level. Thank you for your excellent research and for, most importantly, the TRUTH that you give all of us.


Thanks again for the eye-opening site.


I just wanted to drop a line and say you guys are great. There are people out there who are waking up. Thanks for fighting the good fight. I am a member of the local humane shelter in our county.


We are in animal agriculture, and HSUS is one of the biggest thorns in our sides. I truly appreciate the actions and information made available by your organization, to expose the farce that is the HSUS.


I would like to provide my local animal shelters and veterinarians a poster size copy of the SURPRISED dog ad to spread the word about HSUS. I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much!


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