#TBT: When WSB-TV Exposed HSUS

We do a number of ad campaigns exposing the Humane Society of the United States and encouraging people to give to their local pet shelters, which are unaffiliated with HSUS. But enterprising reporters and investigators have also played a part in shedding a spotlight on the bad deeds of HSUS. One such instance was a 2009 report from WSB-TV in Atlanta.

It’s a report HSUS doesn’t want people to see. HSUS bullied the TV station into taking the report off its website, no doubt flexing some legal muscle. The station issued a “clarification” that HSUS disagreed with the reporting, but never retracted the report. (Of course HSUS disagreed with it. The truth isn’t flattering.)

But like many things on the Internet, the segment lives on. Watch it below.