Tell Bob Dole About HSUS

Partisan_RollCallThe Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) rips off and dupes Americans, raking in donations with pictures of cats and dogs while using the money to fund radical, PETA-like campaigns to attack farmers, ranchers, hunters, and others. HSUS has now snookered another well-meaning American: Bob Dole, a former US Senator and Republican presidential candidate.

Last week HSUS announced that Dole was becoming a “special advisor,” and has since touted that fact here in Washington, D.C., with at least four newspaper ads. It’s clear what’s going on here. HSUS is trying to rebrand itself on Capitol Hill as a middle-of-the-road group to attract Republican support. (We’re responding with our own ad, at right.)

In truth, HSUS is a politically radical organization. Animal welfare is a bipartisan issue, but animal liberation—which involves stopping the use of animals for food, lifesaving medical research, zoos, etc.—is not. Almost no one shares these goals—if anything, it’s bipartisan in the sense that both parties would reject such a sweeping agenda. But HSUS and its political arm overwhelmingly support Democrats over Republicans, optics it is trying to change by enlisting a former Republican Senate leader.

Dole spent 30 years on the House and Senate agriculture committees and is a friend to farmers and ranchers. He clearly does not know about HSUS’s anti-agriculture agenda, that HSUS staffers have defended terrorists, or the many other sordid aspects of the group.

Please send Senator Dole at [email protected] and let him know that he should drop his ties with HSUS and not let HSUS use his good name for ill-deserved gain.