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Tell This Company to Stop Funding HSUS

Lokai, a balance bracelet company, recently partnered with HSUS, perhaps unaware of the imbalance in the animal rights group’s spending.

HSUS, despite its name, does not run a single pet shelter, despite its advertising being chock full of cats and dogs. Over half of HSUS’s budget is spent on fundraising, according to its tax return. Additionally, HSUS has stashed over $50 million in the Caribbean—money it could be using to help animals—while paying its executives sizable salaries.

As for animal care, HSUS only gives 1% of its budget to actual pet shelters. (HSUS is not affiliated with local humane societies.) For every dollar you (or Lokai) donate, HSUS will spend a grand total of one (1) penny on helping local shelters care for pets in need.

Money isn’t the only imbalance at HSUS. Just earlier this year, the HSUS CEO resigned following sexual assault allegations. He resigned, but only after HSUS’s board defended him, with one board member saying, “we didn’t hire him to be a choir boy.”

We assume Lokai didn’t know these facts. Fortunately, it’s not too late to change course. There are plenty of great local shelters and rescue organizations doing meaningful work for animals and not filling their coffers with as much cash as possible.

It’s admirable that Lokai wants true balance for animals in need, but the company should understand that HSUS doesn’t have the same goal. Please let Lokai hear your opinions by emailing the CEO at [email protected].