Tell Honda to Give Shelter Pets a ‘Day Off’

It’s Super Bowl weekend, and we’re looking forward to sitting back with some wings and nachos and enjoying a good game. Like many folks, we’re also psyched for the commercials—especially one from Honda that’s getting a bit of buzz due to its “Ferris Bueller” theme.

Unfortunately, Honda is also sponsoring HSUS’s Genesis Awards in March. HSUS is a group with a radical PETA agenda that deceptively raises money as if it’s a pet shelter group, yet doesn’t run a single pet shelter and gives only 1 percent of the money it raises to pet shelters.

Shelter pets are under pressure every day, and the more support that goes to HSUS (which already has $200 million tucked) is support that pet shelters need. Millions of pets are euthanized every year because shelters don’t have the resources, especially in this economy. Meanwhile, HSUS tucks away millions into its pension plan.

So please go to Honda’s Facebook wall and ask the company to give shelter pets something to say “Oh Yeah” about by giving its support to a local humane society instead. We doubt Honda would fund a PETA event,  and we’re confident they’d be open to join Yellow Tail, Pilot Travel Centers, Mary Kay cosmetics, Precious Cat kitty litter, and Hill's Science Diet dog food in realizing that there are better ways to help animals than giving money to HSUS.