The HSUS X-Files

All hail the great anonymous drop-box! Today we have something unusual to share.

When we told our IT gurus that we wanted this website to allow people to anoymously send us documents "over the transom," this is exactly the kind of thing we were hoping would happen. We certainly didn't know it would happen so quickly, or that the first real jackpot would be over 200 pages long.

This arrived Tuesday morning. We do not know who sent it. We do not know who wrote it—only that it came to us with the document title "written_in_1996.pdf"

Caveats: A few books are listed at the end as sources, but there are no footnotes. It does include a wealth of reprinted articles from the 1980s and 1990s, some of which aren't easily found online.

Take this for what it probably is—an attempt by someone, nearly 15 years ago, to decipher what HSUS was up to. Nevertheless, it contains some compelling stuff. Especially when you consider that back in 1996 (before the Internet was fully equipped), the research itself probably required some serious digging.

Since it's untitled, we're calling it "The HSUS X-Files." We included some of our own observations about the report on its "document" page.

Enjoy. Discuss. And if you can add anything similar to the library, you know what to do.