The Truth About HSUS



The Humane Society of the U.S. gives just 1 percent of the money it raises to pet shelters and it doesn’t run any pet shelters. Most people who donate think their money will be spent on helping pets. Instead, the reality is millions of dollars every year gets sent to fundraisers, lawyers, and the pension plan.



Here’s what some of those donors have to say about the Humane Society of the U.S.:

“My wife and I have contributed a considerable amount of money to HSUS over the years, but that is at an end. We will also inform every animal advocate we know to never contribute another dime.”

“Thanks for saving me from making a huge mistake. I wrote HSUS a check just yesterday for a big donation (big for my budget, anyway). Last night I tore it up.”

“This news about endorsing Michael Vick is the last straw. From now on, I think we’re going to get to know a few local humane societies and support them.”

“I haven’t been able to send a big donation to HSUS every month, but as of today I will be sending it to my local dog shelter. I will not pay for these people’s retirements.”

“I have supported HSUS for many years but as of today, I’ve decided to donate to local shelters and rescue organizations.  I have sent letters to [CEO] Wayne Pacelle requesting discontinuance of constant mailings of items that I would rather the money be used to help the animals.”

“Sending my money somewhere else. I want it all to go to the animals not some wealthy person to become more so. HSUS is a disgrace to this country.”

“For years I was an HSUS donor who sent my monthly donations in to allegedly help fund my local shelter. That is what I was sold by HSUS, that is what I thought I was buying.”

“I was one such ignorant person giving donations to the HSUS, only to find out they have no connection to local Humane Societies at all!”

“Two years ago, I donated most of my birthday money to HSUS, thinking they would donate it to my local shelter.  When I learned that <1% goes to local shelters, I felt sick about it.”











“I was putting them on our donation list this year because we were so stressed over things we’ve seen this year involving homeless animals. That will not happen now.”

“I had heard rumors of this, and I defended them.  Saying no way would this happen or could be.  I am truly disgusted. I know several who donate large amounts of money…so sad.”

“I’m so sickened by this I can hardly bear it. I’ll never give them a dime again.”

“This is appalling!!!  I have been donating my hard earned money to the Humane Society for years.  However, after this article has opened my eyes, I won’t be donating cash any longer”

“I must say that I am appalled at what I just read. I have faithfully and 100% whole heartedly donated money (what I could, and then some) to the Humane Society for 25+ years. I am devastated by these statistics.”



“The HSUS was one of my top charities I donate(d) to, but after reading the info contained on this site, I am rethinking this.”

“I am an avid contributor to the Humane Society because of course I love animals. Silly me. …Never again will I donate to the HSUS. I will give it to my own local in the form of dog food, blankets toys etc.”

“This is upsetting information for me.  I’m a manager at a local humane society and I know we don’t receive any money from HSUS, but I didn’t realize their support in general was so small.”

“I am absolutely appalled!!! Never again will I make a donation to this so-called CHARITY! Humane society of the United States, SHAME ON YOU!!!”

“I, too, was not aware of the amount of money, or lack thereof, that is donated to shelters around the country.  I believe the HSUS has received its last dollar from me.”

“I have been supporting the HSUS for many years. NO MORE!”


“I am sick at my heart…..about the money and how it is not spent on animals rescued and in shelters.”

“Unbelievable!!! I’ve supported HSUS for years now thinking we are helping to save precious animals who do not have a voice for themselves from any harm and danger!”

“I’m shocked !! I have been making donations to HSUS for years and I never dreamed that my money would be going anywhere besides my local shelters.”

“You won’t see me donate to these people again. It’s a shame people are like this… shame on them!!”

“I am totally shocked to hear that  local shelters do not get the help that I thought  they were getting from the HSUS.  I will make sure my help goes to a local shelter now.”

“My husband rescues dogs and we also gave to the HSUS, but no more.”

“I have cancelled my monthly donation to HSUS. I am so upset about how little of my hard earned money goes to the animals.”

“OMG, I never knew this and I donated to them over the years.  They will never see another cent of mine again as long as I live.”

“I will stop donating to HSUS b/c they advertise about abused animals on TV pulling on our heart strings only to find that not even a decent amount get to where it should be going!”

“I’ve always donated to them at least once a year and my own local shelter a few times. I guess I’ll take my money and put it all towards my local shelter”