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The Visual HSUS

The legendary animal behaviorist Temple Grandin says that other than autistic “pattern” thinkers (like herself), most people are either verbal thinkers or visual thinkers.

So far, HumaneWatch has focused mostly on words—tens of thousands of them—to show how deceptive and unscrupulous the Humane Society of the United States can be. But beginning today, we’re going to take better care of you “visual thinkers” out there.

We’re pleased to present the first installment of The Visual HSUS, a graphic series that we hope will make you think about the animal rights group in a new way. We hope you pass these pieces around to your friends, and we really hope you learn something new from each one.

Each graphic will be available as a poster, too. They’re perfect as gifts to veterinarians, pet shelter staff, classroom teachers, and animal lovers everywhere.

Today’s visual is titled “HSUS By the Numbers.” (Click on the image below to view the PDF.) Stay tuned as we present a new on every two weeks until—well … until the Humane Society of the United States starts behaving like a real humane society. And if you'd like personal copies of today's visual, you can order postcard-size and poster-size versions on Zazzle.