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The Visual HSUS, Part 8

Today we’re releasing the eighth entry in our “Visual HSUS” series. Our latest graphic is on HSUS’s significant lobbying activities. (Click on the picture below to view it.)

Under its original articles of incorporation, HSUS is forbidden from engaging in substantial attempts to influence legislation. Specifically:

No substantial part of the activities of the corporation shall consist of the carrying on of propoganda [sic] or otherwise attempting to influence legislation or to participate or intervene (including the publishing and distribution of statements) in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. (Emphasis added.)

But as CEO Wayne Pacelle put it during a Fox News interview about his recent Capitol Hill visit with convicted dogfighting kingpin Michael Vick, “We are here to lobby.” He’s not joking—HSUS spent far more on lobbying during the past two years than it spent on pet-shelter grants, according to its tax returns. It’s part of a larger, sadder trend at HSUS.

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