The Weekly Watch #43: Welcome to 2011!

If you were reading HumaneWatch last week, you learned …

  • HSUS released its 2010 state-by-state “report card,” and it’s ridiculously arbitrary and inconsistent. Apparently, "Prop B" and the "Buckeye Compromise" weren't worth much.
  • We analyzed HSUS’s federal “change agenda” and discovered that the group's high-priced lobbyists haven't accomplished much during the past two years. (That's mostly a good thing.)
  • HSUS spent the holidays raising money with stories of "Animal Survivors" like Second Chance the horse. But when the horse suddenly died, HSUS’s factory fundraising machine didn’t skip a beat.

Stay tuned this week for more truth-telling, research-sharing, and analysis of America's richest animal rights group! (If you need your up-to-the-minute HumaneWatch fix, there's always Facebook.)