The Weekly Watch #47: Billboard Mosaic!

If you were reading HumaneWatch last week, you learned …

  • Our five-billboard collage is now up in Times Square. Here's hoping New Yorkers (and tourists) start giving exclusively to their local humane societies.
  • A 1990 HSUS fundraising mailer discussed HSUS’s longstanding support for animal rights, an idea whose highest expression comes in allowing animals to sue people.
  • HSUS’s annual “Spay Day” is coming up. This year voting costs a minimum of $5—and the event used to affect far more animals than it does today.
  • An egg farmer wrote to us to describe how HSUS’s proposed ballot initiative in Washington state would cripple his business.
  • If you think HSUS’s financial malfeasance warrants a closer look from the IRS, here’s what you can do.
  • HSUS’s “Director of Sheltering Initiatives” cries poverty for shelters, but doesn’t say anything about her own big-bucks employer stepping in to help.

Stay tuned this week for more truth-telling, research-sharing, and analysis of America's richest animal rights group! (If you need your up-to-the-minute HumaneWatch fix, there's always Facebook.)