Third Quarter Blog Favorites

Yesterday, "Humane Society" of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle released another Top Ten list of his favorite blog articles from the past three months. So it’s appropriate for us to follow suit. (This is one of the few truly good ideas Wayne has had. We're all too happy to appropriate it for ourselves.)

Just like we did after the first and second quarters of the year, we’ve determined which articles attracted the most HumaneWatch readers during the past three months.

So without further ado, here are the best of the best from July, August, and September. Which one was your favorite?

  1. The most read article was an announcement of our contest to help the pet shelters that HSUS habitually neglects. (That contest is still going through the last week of October, so keep commenting on this website.)
  2. Humane Society “University”—which lacks any real accreditation—is run by an HSUS officer whose Ph.D. came from a diploma mill.
  3. News of a $5 million federal lawsuit against HSUS was also quite popular. The civil complaint concerns HSUS's involvement in an illegal 2009 raid carried out on a South Dakota dog breeder.
  4. What do Bono and HSUS have in common? (Hint: It's not musical talent.)
  5. You know that whole “11 million supporters” line that HSUS trots out about once an hour? Even Wayne Pacelle admits in a fundraising letter that his group's actual membership total is less than one-ninth of that number.
  6. Five research scientists (including 3 veterinarians) called out HSUS in the Journal of Medical Primatology over its attempts to de-legitimize vital medical research.
  7. The Safe Haven of Iowa County pet shelter announced that it needed to raise $40,000 dollars in a short amount of time in order to house its cats and dogs. HSUS was (typically) MIA, but HumaneWatchers stepped up to the plate.
  8. There’s a weird nexus between the animal rights philosophy and human population control—and one former HSUS lawyer is all over it.
  9. HSUS was quick to come out with vegan talking points following the egg recall, and we were quick to show everyone how full of chicken manure they were.
  10. HSUS leaders want to monopolize the definition of “humane”—even when real animal welfare experts disagree with their views.

Got a comment? Be sure to leave your thoughts below. From August 23 to October 29, 2010 we will be choosing the two best comments each week of 25 words or more, and awarding $100 (each) to the local pet shelters of the commenters' choice. Click here for more information and the official rules.