This One’s For All the Ladies Out There…

UPDATE: Mary Kay issued a statement clarifying that they never gave permission for HSUS to suggest they were sponsoring this fundraiser. Their logo has been yanked from HSUS's fundraiser web page.

If you have $200 burning a hole in your pocket and you live in the Dallas area, you too can fork over your money to HSUS's "puppy mill" program on March 26. That's when the HSUS "Spotlight Humane" gala will gobble up donor dollars like a politician in October. The only thing missing will be the rubber chicken. (An online schedule of HSUS events is helpfully provided by Tradeshow Multimedia, Inc.)

Events like this don't just happen by themselves. Someone has to advertise the tickets, rent a hall, pay a dance band, and hire a bouncer to keep the fur-wearing riff raff out. And that takes sponsorship money.

Here are the corporate sponsors for this little HSUS soiree:

That last one's a doozy, considering that this landmark restaurant's specialties include "fresh fish and seafood, flown in daily, [and] prime beef from the Midwest." We wonder if anyone from HSUS did a tasting. Probably not.

But the real surprise for me was Mary Kay. We have to believe that it's not too late for that fine cosmetics company to "walk this back." What do you think?

p.s. HSUS has nuked its generic online list of corporate supporters.  We wonder why?