Top 10 Ways HSUS Misuses Doggie Dollars

A reader emailed us the other day and suggested that we create a list of the top ten ways in which HSUS wastes donations. It was hard to limit ourselves to ten, but we put down our thoughts below. Feel free to make your own suggestions—or additions—in the comment section at the end.

10. Developing vegetarian dog food— “canine” teeth aren’t exactly for chewing plants—and outsourcing the entire operation to Uruguay, to boot

9. Putting more money into lobbying than into pet-shelter grants

8. Putting more money into their own pensions than into pet-shelter grants

7. Feeding a “factory fundraising” machine

6. Spending 43 percent of its budget on overhead costs

5. Sticking $66 million away in hedge funds (money that could be going to shelters)

4. Pushing PETA’s agenda while cloaking it in cute puppy pics

3. Rehabilitating Michael Vick’s public image

2. Employing Wayne Pacelle

1. Refusing to run a single pet shelter, despite acknowledging the need for “immediate relief of suffering