Tweezing Another YellowFail?

Remember “Yellow Fail”? It was barely six months ago that the Yellow Tail wine company announced it would stop funding the Humane Society of the United States—following a peasants-with-pitchforks uprising of farmers, ranchers, and other ordinary Americans.

After Yellow Tail came Pilot Travel Centers. And Precious Cat kitty litter. And Hill’s Science Diet dog food. And Mary Kay cosmetics (which set a new speed record for the sprinting walk-back). A remarkable number of companies remain in HSUS’s pocket, but these brave trailblazers set an example that is bound to be followed again and again.

Could the Tweezerman “beauty tool” company be next? We heard a good deal of buzz this weekend on the Interwebs about this company and its pledge to contribute to HSUS for every “paw print” nail file and pair of tweezers it sells.

Paw prints … hmmmm … Where have we seen that image before? And how many HumaneWatchers will be inspired to send our paw-print image to the Tweezerman front office?

Keep us posted if you hear back from the Tweezerpeople.

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