Watch This Website Grow

Okay — wo perhaps by now you've noticed that some of HumaneWatch's bells and whistles aren't exactly clanging and whistling yet.

No big deal.

There were two ways we could have approached this project. One was to spend months loading every conceivable bit of data, a ton of hard-copy paperwork, and thousands of images into the system, then flip the switch and ask you to drink from the proverbial fire hose.

That doesn't make much sense. Instead, you're going to see this blog, a document library, a rudimentary HSUS staff list, and the legal "web" of HSUS-related organizations unfold, piece by piece, as we build them.

That way, we can try to connect what's in the Center for Consumer Freedom's archives with what's in the news, or with whatever Wayne Pacelle is writing about on his blog. You won't miss anything important. And nothing will get lost or buried behind a dusty filing cabinet.

We'll be doing this as quickly as we can, without sacfiricing the quality of our research or our central goal of sticking to facts.

And, of course, you're welcome to participate in the decision-making about what sorts of things we should get to first. Just drop us a line.