What’s This Man Thinking?

PacelleThoughtBubbleLast year we came across a rather strange photo from Capitol File magazine of Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle and his dog. We asked, “What’s this dog thinking?” and we received a number of humorous answers, such as “Can I please go home with someone else?” and “Please, God, don’t let him give me to Michael Vick…” (Pacelle has said that convicted dogfighting kingpin Vick “would do a good job as a pet owner.”)

Now it’s worth asking what Wayne Pacelle is thinking. The photo below is from an interview of Pacelle a few years ago that appeared in American Way, the magazine of American Airlines. He may be thinking “I’m enjoying my paycheck”—after all, according to the above-mentioned Capitol File profile, Pacelle didn’t do much in his day besides have a couple of meetings and write a blog post, and yet he receives close to $400,000 in compensation annually.

By the way–the American Way executive editor was contacted after the article ran and informed of HSUS’s real agenda. The editor admitted he was “duped” and that American Way would never feature HSUS again. A little activism can go a long way. 

Click to enlarge the picture, and leave a comment below with your thought. Ours is, “I’ve got all this money, and I don’t even like animals.”