Why is HSUS Wearing Body Armor?

BodyArmorFirst, the Humane Society of the United States’ animal seizure team created its own badges—even though HSUS is not a law enforcement agency. Now it appears HSUS has purchased body armor as well. And it appears purely for showmanship.

We were scrolling through some videos on the YouTube channel for the Humane Society of the United States when one caught our eye. It’s a video for HSUS’s state director (i.e. lobbyist) in Pennsylvania. And in the video appears to be an HSUS employee wearing a bulletproof vest.

Here’s why this is silly: HSUS does occasionally assist law enforcement in conducting raids on dogfighters. But there’s no way that any law enforcement agency would ever put volunteers in a situation where they might be in the line of fire. The police will make arrests, and HSUS will assist in collecting evidence/seizing dogs afterward.

If there really was any danger, law enforcement would not be letting HSUS roam around filming promotional videos, and the other personnel would also be wearing body armor. They aren’t.

In other words, this is all about showmanship, just like the phony badges HSUS had. What next, an AR-15? A tactical shield? (Let’s not give HSUS any ideas, lest this “rescue team” turn militarized.)

We’re not sure the rating of this vest, but you can buy a Level 3A vest for $300-$600. On the one hand, that amount of money could provide food for shelter pets for a month. On the other, it could buy some needless body armor to allow for farce in fundraising videos.

Which option would an ethical animal organization choose?