Will HSUS Save These Pets From Death?

PKAAs the Humane Society of the United States wastes its time and energy on fruitless lobbying efforts, such as trying to ban a certain form of pig housing in New Jersey that doesn’t even exist in the state, the group is ignoring problems in its own backyard. It’s a well known fact that PETA, the ironically named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, puts down the animals in its own shelter at horrifying rates. Will HSUS save these animals?

For as much as HSUS enjoys posturing and misleading the public, decrying hardworking family farmers, or concocting dishonest arguments against businesses, it is remarkably quiet on a situation that it could actually change.

Over the years, our sister website, Peta Kills Animals, has collected PETA’s manipulative tactics towards impressionable minds, as well as PETA’s reprehensible  treatment of animals ostensibly in its “care.” PETA kills 90% of the dogs and cats it takes into its shelter, and yet as far as we can tell HSUS has never once spoken out against PETA’s pet-killing. Perhaps that’s because HSUS has a number of PETA alumni on staff and shares PETA’s goals of animal “liberation.”

HSUS claims that it’s top-of-the-class when it comes to animal care (assuming you count all those street dogs it sterilizes in Third World countries). Well, there’s a real chance for HSUS to save lives in the US and find homes for the animals that PETA kills. What’s HSUS waiting for?