Won’t You Buy a $50 Ornament from HSUS?

GrinchThe Christmas season is full of cheer, good tidings, and selflessness. But for the greedy Humane Society of the United States, it’s always better to receive than to give. Case in point: HSUS is hawking a $50 Christmas tree ornament on its Facebook page this week.

While this “special” ornament is offered in honor of HSUS’s 60th anniversary, the only thing notable is the price. In fact, HSUS was hawking ornaments last year (for $14) and in 2012 (also for $50)—and that’s to say nothing of the $75 snow globes.

Where will this money go? A lot of the proceeds will simply fund direct mail trinkets like calendars, coolers, socks, and even garden gloves. Over one-third of HSUS’s budget is fundraising-related expenses.

And the pets? They won’t see much from the ornament sales. Only 1% of the money HSUS takes in is given to help local groups care for pets, and HSUS doesn’t run any shelters of its own.

Just as with Christmas Past, HSUS is once again throwing pets out in the cold. Things don’t look any better for Christmas Future—so why don’t you share with your friends this important pledge to support local shelters directly and not HSUS?