WSB-TV Investigative Report, 14 May 2009

We never thought we'd write this, but we found something to like about the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Bear with us.

As far as we know, an Iranian video-sharing service called "Vidoosh" (similar to YouTube) is the only online place where you can see the video below. It's a news report broadcast on May 14, 2009 by WSB-TV, the ABC News affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia. And contrary to what HSUS has suggested on numerous occasions, it has not been retracted by WSB. Rather, the TV station issued a "clarification," saying that HSUS disagreed with one portion of it. But to their credit, the WSB news department stuck to their guns.

HSUS went to a lot of trouble to get this piece of video completely erased from YouTube, and reportedly threatened WSB to the point where the station no longer hosts the video itself. But the truth can be told. It's possible to do it, and for millions of people to see it.

Somehow, somewhere—even if it's in a Middle Eastern country not known for protecting free speech—the truth will survive.

Watch the video after the jump.

p.s.—We did not upload this to Vidoosh.

Update: One copy of it is still available on YouTube. Thanks to Wendy for the correction.