The Truth about HSUS Shines in Times Square

When the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recently visited New York City to promote his new book, we were there to greet him with a billboard that lets his animal-rights organization’s cat out of the proverbial bag. Contrary to most Americans’ beliefs, HSUS is not a national umbrella group that represents community-based humane societies, and it shares less than one percent of its income with underfunded pet shelters at the local level.

The billboard, part of our project, is currently wowing Times Square. It uses a boy and his loyal collie to alert America’s busiest crossroads to the deceptive fundraising practices of America’s richest animal rights group.

Our billboard reads:

What’s that, girl?
The Humane Society of the United States gives less than 1% of its money to pet shelters?
Let’s warn everyone!

HSUS raised $97 million in 2009, mostly from Americans who thought their donations would filter down to local pet shelters. According to Opinion Research Corporation polling, 59 percent of Americans falsely believe HSUS “contributes most of its money to local organizations that care for dogs and cats.” HSUS, however, consistently spends millions annually to support a large staff of lawyers and lobbyists, bloated executive pension plans, and exorbitant fundraising expenses. Money actually spent on “Programs” promotes an animal rights agenda that attacks modern farming.

Click below to view the billboard, or stop by and see it for yourself on Seventh Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets. And if you’re interested in making a real difference to animals in your community, share your money (and your time) with your local pet shelter—not HSUS’s greedy paws.