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Charitable Giving to Local Shelters Increases

Good news: If donations are any indication, people are waking up to the truth about the Humane Society of the United States.

Our team set out to find whether local shelters are doing well or not in the wake of our campaign to expose HSUS, which despite common misconception does not run any pet shelters and is not affiliated with local pet shelters. What we found was incredible.

Using available tax returns from the past 5 years, we found that not only is giving down for HSUS (more than 10% down in 2016)—the average growth rate for 30 shelters and rescue organizations across America is up, by about 41%.

Over the past 5 years (through 2016—last year’s charity tax returns are not available yet), the average budget change from the 30 shelters over a 5 year period is an 87% increase.

Our methodology involved the random selection of locally based animal shelters and rescue organizations. From there, we tracked down the available tax return documents and compiled our data. Naturally, we were hopeful that local organizations were receiving more funding and recognition, but this data exceeds even our most optimistic expectation.

We are confident our “give local” advocacy is to thank for at least some of those increased donations to local shelters. But our work isn’t done.

HSUS is now looking for ways to siphon off donations from local organizations. This week, we reported how HSUS is using Google keyword advertising on the names of local shelters—which perpetuates confusion, and allows HSUS to raise money off of the names of these shelters.

If you want to help pet shelters against HSUS’s deceptive fundraising, please share our ads and videos with your friends to spread the “give local” message.