Beware Charity Scams Chasing Chicken Wings

During the Big Game festivities on Sunday, millions of Americans will kick back with their favorite finger foods like chicken wings, nachos, and sliders. Meanwhile, the deceptively named Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is trying to take all those foods away.

Surprised? HSUS is a vegan activist organization that doesn’t run a single pet shelter, not your local humane society. It does, however, employ PETA alumni, including the brains behind the disgusting “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign and a lettuce lady face of “Lobster Liberation.” That’s why we started Humane Watch — a project to get out the facts about HSUS’s radical anti-animal agriculture agendaawful charity ratings from respected watchdogs, and deceptive advertising.

And many of those finger-snacking football fans might be falling for HSUS’s deception. Recent public polling shows that over 70 percent of Americans mistakenly believe that HSUS is a pet shelter umbrella group — in reality, HSUS gives less than one percent of its budget to local pet shelters. So to help them make informed donation decisions, we will air an ad during the football celebrations warning viewers of HSUS’s deception.

If you happen to see it on Sunday night, feel free to go to our Facebook page and share the clip to tell your friends the facts about HSUS’s deceptive fundraising, vegan agenda, and oft-criticized management practices.