Boycott Bissell for its Support of HSUS

ShortChangingPetsWe’ve been reaching out to Bissell to inform the company that its support of HSUS is a big concern—but we’ve done it quietly. After all, a number of companies have had partnerships with HSUS and dropped them after they learned the truth about HSUS. But Bissell wouldn’t engage. Nor would it engage our readers who wrote the CEO recently after we asked for your help.

So, it’s time to boycott Bissell.

Today we’re launching and asking you to share it with your friends on social media and to sign our petition. Bissell is known for its vacuum cleaners, but also has other brands:

  • Febreze
  • Woolite
  • Pawsitively Clean
  • BigGreen

You may remember that we took out ads in Times Square and produced a TV ad when Discover—initially—wouldn’t drop its credit card partnership with HSUS. We’ll show tenacity here as well, unless and until Bissell pledges to drop support for HSUS, as Discover did (and as a number of other companies have done).

Please sign our petition at and send a note to Bissell’s CEO at [email protected]. The only way this campaign will work is with your help.