“The Abolitionist,” Spring/Summer 1997

This file contains a copy of the Spring/Summer 1997 issue of The Abolitionist, a newsletter published by the animal rights group Compassion Over Killing (COK). That organization was co-founded (and its newsletter was co-edited) by Paul Shapiro and Miyun Park. Shapiro would later go on to lead the Humane Society of the United States’s farm-animal programs. Park was hired away to HSUS at the same time as Shapiro, served as a vice-president, and then moved on to lead the Global Animal Partnership.

This issue of The Abolitionist included a two-page photo spread (pages 10-11 of the PDF) titled “The ALF Strikes Again … and Again … and Again …” The images are of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) crimes (mostly vandalism) committed against fur retailers in the District of Columbia.

In addition, COK used this issue to offer the sale of videos glorifying the ALF. For $5 and a blank VHS tape, readers could receive copies of two films about the underground organization, which has been designated a “terrorist group” by the FBI and many foreign governments.

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