Give Me Your Magazines, Your Newsletters, Your Crumpled Periodicals Yearning to Find a Purpose…

UPDATED with more titles (below)

Do you have back issues of any HSUS-related magazines in your attic? Does your local library have copies that they want to give away (or sell on the cheap)? Does your local used book shop have a "vintage" magazine bin?

We're trying to build a more-or-less complete archive of the following HSUS titles:

  • AllAnimals
  • HSUSNews (the former title of AllAnimals)
  • Animal Sheltering
  • Humane Activist
  • KIND News
  • Humane Scorecard
  • defunct titles: Shelter Sense and Animal Activist Alert
  • any other HSUS-related newsletters printed on paper

These materials can be sent to us at P.O. Box 34555, Washington, DC 20005. Or just drop us an e-mail and let us know what you've got. We're happy to cover shipping for large collections, and duplicate magazine issues will be recycled as bird-cage lining.