Glenn Beck: Don’t Give Money to HSUS

On his radio show last week, conservative pundit Glenn Beck had a message for listeners: Don’t give to the Humane Society of the United States. Listen below:



Did we mention the Glenn Beck Program draws 7.5 million listeners a week? Beck’s got quite a megaphone.

GlennBeckThe California law Beck refers to is Proposition 2, a ballot measure passed in 2008 that was heavily funded by HSUS. Experts predicted it could drive state egg farmers out of business (California is the 5th-largest egg state).

And Lois Lerner is the embattled IRS official whose impartiality has come into question following months of Congressional investigation into whether the IRS unfairly targeted Tea Party groups. She was an “active member” of HSUS, and at least one Congressman had written to her personally seeking an investigation into HSUS’s tax-exempt status. She retired from the IRS last week and is reportedly seeking immunity in exchange for her testimony.

Interestingly, Beck interviewed PETA mouthpiece Matt Prescott a few years ago. Prescott, who designed the PETA campaign comparing farms to Nazi concentration camps, is now the food policy director at HSUS. He’s by no means the only PETA hack to join HSUS.

You may not agree with Beck’s general right-wing views. But there are plenty of people from the left-wing side of the spectrum who don’t like HSUS either. It’s not a left-right thing. And fortunately, we’re seeing more Americans from all walks of life learning the truth about HSUS.