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HSUS Lobbyist Sued for $3.5 Million

We have an update in the tragic mauling of a 95-year-old Connecticut woman that occurred last fall. The woman was savagely killed by a dog belonging to former state rep. Annie Hornish, who is the state representative for the Humane Society of the United States. Now, the woman’s family is reportedly seeking $3.5 million from Hornish.

Hornish’s behavior has seemed bizarre. After the mauling occurred, she insisted that the victim must have died from falling down. She later said the dog must have been provoked–victim-blaming, in short. Investigators found it was the mauling that killed her, with police saying it was the worst mauling they’ve ever seen.

Unsurprisingly, the local government ordered that the killer dog be euthanized. But Hornish has fought that order since, appealing to the state department of agriculture, where the case is still outstanding.

Hornish’s arguments appear delusional, and we can only imagine how this obstinacy re-victimizes the woman’s family. And we’ve seen no comment from HSUS. HSUS has complained in other venues about people having dangerous pets. Perhaps they can chime in here. Do they support this killer dog being allowed to remain in public ownership?