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National Animal Charities Hoard Money in Caribbean

Pets across the country need your help finding a home this winter. Unfortunately, there are a few Scrooges looking to take advantage of you.

The Humane Society of the United States spends half of its budget on overhead, and has stuffed $70 million into offshore accounts in the Caribbean, according to its recent tax filings. It is not affiliated with local humane societies.

Meanwhile, a recent CBS News investigation into the ASPCA found “questions about whether the money is going where donors expect.” Last year, the ASPCA CEO made over $950,000–receiving a raise in the middle of the pandemic–while the organization kept over $12 million offshore.

The ASPCA and HSUS get “C” and “D” grades from the well respected CharityWatch.

Want to help pets? Give to your local shelter.

National organizations can be “factory fundraisers,” spending more on fundraising than on sheltering animals.

That’s why you see their commercials and Internet ads everywhere.

In contrast, local shelters don’t have the spare cash to run major marketing campaigns. They’re too busy caring for pets!

Local shelters may have similar “SPCA” or “humane society” names as national groups, but they aren’t affiliated. And they need your support.

Time, money, and supplies all go a long way in making life comfortable for the four-legged friends in their care.

You can make a difference in the life of a cat, dog, or other pet near you. Find a shelter near you today.