You’ve Been Deputized!

Working at the Center for Consumer Freedom is a great job with fantastic colleagues. And we have an interesting set of archives about the animal rights movement. Some electronic, some paper, and some that well-meaning people all over the world have shared with us.


You could be one of those well-meaning people. You want to be one, right?

Here’s the deal: Our e-mail address here is [email protected]. And there’s a Post Office Box where you can send anything you’d like our team to see:

P.O. Box 34555
Washington, DC 20043

What should you send us? Everything.

We want legal documents, correspondence, fundraising letters, fundraising e-mails, annual reports, back issues of HSUS magazines, financial reports, references to HSUS in published books, meeting minutes, contemporaneous notes on events, photographs, video clips, leaflets, newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, and anything else we haven't mentioned here.

If it’s about HSUS, we’d like to see it.

What does that mean? If you get a fundraising letter in the mail from Wayne Pacelle, don’t reflexively throw it in the trash. Forward it to our P.O. Box. If you see an ad from HSUS anywhere, tear it out and send it in. Send us photos of HSUS billboards, videos of protests, copies of old letters that may be gathering dust in your filing cabinet. You get the picture.

If you have large archives to share, please send an e-mail. We’ll find a way to take such materials off your hands at no cost to you.

Submissions will not be returned, so please only send copies of things you hold near and dear.

Anonymous submissions are welcome. We’ll do as much as possible to authenticate everything before using it. And we’ll protect your privacy. (You can also choose to submit electronic files anonymously to the dropbox by clicking here.)

One last thing: If you want to make a financial contribution toward the operation of HumaneWatch, please do not send it to the Post Office Box listed above. Instead, click here to donate to the Center for Consumer Freedom. Many thanks.