“Shelter Supply Saturday” Greeting Card, 2010

What’s Shelter Supply Saturday? It’s a new once-a-year observance when HumaneWatch is urging its readers to donate supplies (or money, which always works!) to the pet shelter nearest to where they live.

Click here for a discussion of which supplies shelters typically want to receive, or call ahead to find out what your shelter needs most. Click here to see a photograph of card in full color

It’s easy to make this card part of your holiday giving! Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Print on any color printer
  2. Fold twice on the dotted lines
  3. Punch a hole where it’s indicated
  4. Thread some twine or ribbon through the hole
  5. Attach to your shelter gift and deliver it to your local pet shelter on Saturday, December 4

Thanks for opening your heart to animals during this holiday season!

Download the Shelter Supply Saturday Greeting Card

Humanewatch Holiday Card