Flashback: Dealing with “Humaniacs”

Our research director spoke at a dairymen's convention earlier this year on how to deal with HSUS's activists. Follow the links below for a video. (We also recently adapted the speech into an easy-to-read one-page handout. Pass some out!)

Mar 18 2010

Dealing with the “Humaniacs,” in Ten Easy Lessons

When I arrived in Modesto, California, the meeting's organizers asked me if they could videotape my speech. And I figured, what the heck? Chances are HSUS had someone planted in the audience anyway with a double-secret buttonhole camera. And it's not like I was saying anything that I wouldn't want turning up on CNN (which is a good measuring stick for public speaking, by the way).

Today I learned that the whole thing had been uploaded to YouTube. It's about 45 minutes long, and it's organized into five video segments. So if you wanted to hear little ol' me last week and you couldn't make it to the Central California Valley, make some popcorn and pull up a chair.

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