Flashback: HSUS Targets Children

As a complement to this morning's look back at HSUS's original Articles of Incorporation, which expressly prohibit propaganda, let's recall a newsletter that HSUS sent out to a bunch of classrooms earlier this year.

May 04 2010

UnKIND Kiddie Propaganda

There's nothing new about animal rights groups targeting children. PETA constantly hands out gory comic books to kids titled “Your Mommy Kills Animals.” (And that's just for starters.) HSUS, with more of a soft-sell marketing style, puts out a little newsletter once each month during the school year called KIND News. This turns up in classrooms all across the country.

By my estimation, KIND News is a more insidious publication than anything PETA produces. PETA’s “comic books” don’t pass any parental smell-test, but HSUS's version of kiddie propaganda is cleverly set up to seem perfectly innocuous.

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